next steps

Life is a continuous journey of choices and decisions. Each step we take leads us to where we end up. Our growth in God is a vital part our Christian walk. Here at Trinity, we have a discipleship process that we encourage everyone to walk through:

Step 1: Fresh Start Step 2: Life Groups  Step 3: Baptism   Step 4: Life Seminars   Step 5: Partnership

fresh start

Fresh Start is a 4 week small group study, for those who are spiritually searching, beginning a new relationship with Christ, returning to their faith, or simply new to Trinity. 

This four week small group will help you make some connections at Trinity Church while giving you some great tools for your spiritual journey. 

This study meets on Sunday mornings from 9:30 -10:30 am, upstairs in the Board Room. 

Contact: Pastor Mark for more details - 514-363-1500 ext. 224 or Cyrille Fami

life groups

Life Groups are small groups who meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes, out in the community or at the church. Together we share life, pray, and care for one another. We believe that real life transformation happens in the context of smaller groups. 

Currently we have 3 different types of Life Groups:

1. Sermon Aligned

2. Support Groups

3. Sports/Recreation



- "Out with the old, in with the new."

Baptism is a way to go public with your faith. It showcases your beliefs and solidifies your commitment to Christ. We'd love to answer any questions you may have, which is why we host a class to help prepare you. 

We know that this is a very personal experience and are honoured to share it with you! We'd be thrilled to have your friends and family join us to celebrate this moment! 

The next Baptismal service is March 19th



If you’re wondering about how to know God on a deeper level and how to get involved with what’s going on at Trinity Church, we encourage you start with these three foundational seminars.

C1: Exploring our Church Family (CELEBRATE)  

Where do I fit in here at Trinity? Here's the opportunity to find out what we believe, how we operate and where we are going.  

C2: Spiritual Growth (CONNECT

This seminar is designed for those that want to grow spiritually by focusing on: prayer, spiritual disciplines, studying the bible, valuing relationships & accountability. 

C3: Discovering my Gifting (CONTRIBUTE

Discover the importance of a servant's heart and the many opportunities where you can begin to use your gifts. A personal follow-up interview will help you find the perfect fit so you can make a difference.

We have three dates where these workshops will be offered: March 19th, June 11th & November 12th. 



If you want to officially make Trinity your home, partnership through membership is a way of stating that we can count on you! 

If you are interested in partnering with us through membership, our “C1: Exploring Our Church Family Seminar” is the first step in beginning this journey together..