April 26 - May 2, 2020

Praise Report:

Gwen Clarke- who was rushed to hospital; suffering with pain after her surgery, is back home and doing better.

Christine Nguli- Dad was hospitalized-kidney problems. Had surgery and it went well. At home recuperating. Mom has high blood pressure; on medication; is doing better. Pray for God’s complete healing and for His provision for their financial needs.

Wanda- who had severe back pain; is doing well now.

Joe Galati - is doing much better, but still has numbness on left leg

Gladys Aunt Cecilia, is responding well to the treatment for colon infection. 

Radha Blake- God has granted her healing


Pray for the family of Marjorie, who passed away last Wednesday 27th April. The funeral will be This Wednesday 6th May.

Diane Bergeron’s- her grandson who was thought to have had meningitis; it wasn’t. He is back home.

Sylvia Ivey’s sister: Mild rejection of kidney transplant. Pray that doctors find the right medication, and for her healing.

Simon and Anna Su. She gave birth to a baby girl by C-section at LaSalle Hospital. Mother and baby are healthy. Pray for the continued health of baby and for Anna’s full recovery.

Teri Sauro’s- Daughter is experiencing tremors. Awaiting more tests results.

BoKing- sister of Anna-Katharina Ruiz; was diagnosed with leukemia. She doesn’t know the Lord. Was brought to church 3 times by Anna. Pray for her salvation and her healing. She requested a large print Bible.

Carolyn Torlot- sister of Darlene had surgery for brain tumors on Wednesday 15th.  Still some left. Pray for her complete healing.

Perveen’s sister Proteima- diagnosed with herniated disk. Pray for relief.

Antonio Santiago is at home recuperating. Pray for his speedy recovery; also pray for wife Eunice, for God’s comfort.

Eudora Griffith- on the loss of her husband Everett, who passed away last week. Pastor did the funeral on Friday 24th. Pray for God’s comfort for her and the family.

Abigail’s friend, her brother-in-law and her cousin’s wife all has the virus. Also, Judith Collins, who is in a Seniors’ home. Pray for their healing. 

Claudio & Sandi Gatti- Their daughter Christine has an aggressive and rare tumor in her bladder and lymph nodes and pelvis. She is being treated with Chemo and Medication.    


Eduardo Tandugon- currently in the Philippines. Unable to leave, lockdown is until May 15th. His family in Montreal is concerned. He has several health problems- suffered a heart attack last year, kidney failure, glaucoma. His medication will run out April 30th. Was able to extend his medication for another 30 days. Pray for God’s intervention, healing, protection and provision.

Nelly- Tested positive for the virus.

Gilbert- friend of Fernand & Melissa Frenette; has stage 4 bowel cancer. Was scheduled for an operation in April- cancelled due to virus. Doctors gave him 4 weeks to live. Pray for God’s intervention.


People to pray for this Week:

Gerry D’Souza- His friend Ray St-Pierre is stuck in the Philippines. Pray for his safety and a flight out of the Philippines,

Sandra McConnel- 83 years old was taken by ambulance to St. Mary’s Hospital. She is in poor health. Pray for the family also. Unable to visit.


Joyce Uwaifo- For a breakthrough in her Career/Business; for her husband and their children that they will stay strong in the Lord especially during these difficult times.

Celia Daley- For her friend Cynthia’s mother (Evonda Waithe (Green). She suffered a stroke and is hospitalized. Pray for her recovery. Cynthia is very afraid.

Gloria De Bique- Her daughter has breast cancer, heart problem and coughing. She is in pain. Her son-in-law Geoffrey Graham who had contracted the Covid-19 virus is back to work; as well as 5 children, all in quarantine. They are doing well. They live in Connecticut.

Lorraine Belec - cousin’s grandson had surgery for a large brain tumor that is cancerous. They weren’t able to remove everything successfully. It’ll be a long road of treatment ahead.

Donalee Joseph- Having lots of problems and had difficulty believing and trusting God. He is confused if it is God or the devil.

For our Seniors that are in residences- for their safety, protection and the Spirit’s comfort during theses days.

Jonathan Wei- His mother has been receiving chemotheraphy- lymphoma patient for 4 years now. The tumor is now spreading. Receiving Chemo.Pray for miracle of her salvation and healing.

Rookmeenee Seesurn – Continue to pray for her son, Yashveer, age16 He stopped attending church 4 years ago, asking “who is this God that He never sees”. He is missing school regularly, playing video games, and wants to quit school. 

Tyler- for God’s protection and his safety. He is in a dangerous combat zone.

Catherine Taylor is diabetic and uses a walker as she cannot walk properly. Pray for God’s healing.

Kim Taylor who has terminal pancreatic cancer. She needs a miracle.

Shut- Ins: 

Christine Goodfellow, Mildred Taylor, Martina Gonzales, Helen Wamboldt (continuously in pain), Paul Johnstone, Joyce Christensen, Vernon Alleyne, Sheila Findley, Hubert & Joyce Walker, Audrey Thomas (awaiting to be placed in a home), Corsil Dell Griffith, Leila Sahadeo Balroop- with a rare blood disease. Also, having treatment- dialysis a few times a week. Feels very weak after, Hilda Glasgow-at Seniors home. Pray for all our shut-ins for God’s protection against the Virus.