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Easter Devotionals

Personal preparation is key if we are going to experience the Easter story in full. So, we’re preparing a series of devotionals which will take place the week before Easter weekend (March 29th - April 3rd) with special focus on Christ’s final words on the cross. You can view them each day that week on our YouTube channel from 7am onwards. All other devotionals will be on pause during that week.

Good Friday Service

We will be premiering our Good Friday service April 2nd at 10am on our YouTube channel. The video itself will remain up for you and your family to view throughout the remainder of that day. Our theme will be on “Separation and the Cross.” We’ll be looking at separation as a theme throughout the Biblical narrative and the ultimate separation between God and humanity which was part of Christ’s reason for coming to earth. 

Holy Saturday Prayer

The Saturday between the death and resurrection of Jesus is an important day to remember for a few reasons, one of which it reminds us of the loss, hopelessness and grief that the disciples shared that day. It was the transition or waiting period before the joyous morning of the resurrection. How many of us can identify with the disciples, having mourned and experienced loss this year? Maybe some of us still feel like we are in a season of grief. We want to join with you and each other in a special prayer meeting Saturday April 3rd at 10am to focus on grief and loss. Please note that our regular Wednesday prayer meeting that week will be cancelled as this one will replace it. You can access it here.

Resurrection Sunday

One of the things we are most excited about this Easter is the fact that we get to invite youto celebrate with us in person! Take note however, that there will be limited seating as well as a multiple room arrangement in order to make this happen. For this reason, registration will be mandatory in order to attend. Access the registration link HERE. For those who will be tuning in online, our Resurrection Sunday service will be taking place like usual at 10am LIVE on YouTube.

Our central theme will be “Living in Anticipation.” There is an almost tangible sense of anticipation in society these days as we find ourselves getting closer and closer to a normative way of living after what has been a very peculiar year to say the least. But the greater question is, how are we living in anticipation as a result of the resurrection in our lives?