sundays for kids

Do you believe it's important for your children to know God?

Should it be a priority for your kids to learn virtues?

What are you doing to help your kids grow in faith and character?

We believe that something great happens when you are able to connect with people your own age. Because we know the power of these relationships, we have developed a variety of ways for your family to connect with others in an environment designed especially for them. Join us in any of the following areas and you will find useful and practical ways for your family to grow. 

Every one of our leaders have gone through our 'Plan to Protect' program that requires them to have a police background check and training session for ministry. 

Sign your children in on Sunday 15 minutes before each service begins.

Sunshine Corner (Nursery) - Birth to 18 months 
They have lots of space to play and have fun in a clean environment. 

Twinklers - Ages 19 months to 3 years 
Toys, games and fascinating Bible stories. 

Shooting Stars - Ages 4 & 5 
Learn the importance of sharing and caring for each other and how to love as Jesus loves. 

All Stars - Ages 6 to 12
Learn about Jesus through games, songs, and action packed Bible stories. 

Boys Sport Zone - Ages 7 to 11 Friday nights at 7pm
Learn about life skills in a very safe environment. Hang out and develop new friendships while playing sports.

Girls Fun Zone - Ages 7 to 11 Friday nights at 7pm 
Learn how to bake, sew, cook, do crafts and learn many important life skills.

Parents and Little Friends  Birth to 5 years Tuesday's at 10am 

Where families with young children can come together to learn, grow, and have fun! Connect with others in the community, share parenting techniques and help your little one develop healthy habits!