global Missions

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We respond to God’s call by partnering with global workers who are impacting people groups and nations across the world.
We do that in prayer, regular financial support, giving to projects and other global needs that arise.
Each month, our church gives an amount of money for salary support to all our global workers. This support goes out to them whether they are mentioned in our services that month or not. For this reason, we rely on the faithful giving of our congregation, who will designate an amount to “Global Missions” above and beyond their regular giving. Note that we will also encourage the congregation to give towards specific projects presented by global workers. These projects are separate and above the monthly giving, which goes out as salary support. What a beautiful example of the generosity of our church towards missions!
For the record, our church has always been generous in this way—and Lord willing, we will continue to make missions giving a priority.

Please take a look at the global workers we support!

Peter and Marie-Josée Oram in Haiti

Since October 2018, we have been full-time missionaries in Haiti. We lived in a Haitian community for 2 years, learning Creole and culture and working in a school of 250 students. We are currently helping in a school of 750 children in southern Haiti and another school of 250 students. We are also working to help another school that is just starting out. All are evangelical Christian schools. Peter also began teaching university students a basic computer course to use a computer as an instrument for their learning.
Our long-term mission in Haiti is to network among Christian schools to train young people to excel in leadership while living their lives and facing challenges by having a personal relationship with Jesus.

Joy Johnston in Uganda

Rev. Joy serves as Director of Missions for Pentecostal Assemblies of God Uganda. Her mandate is to further develop the denomination’s missions sending—particularly as they take steps towards global missions initiatives. She sensitizes leaders about missions. She equips workers to move across cultures with the message of Jesus Christ across cultures. She mobilizes churches to send them. The ultimate goal is to add Ugandan workers to the global missions force making Christ known to the least reached—in Africa and beyond.

Pierre and Marielle Paradis in Senegal

Just came back from Senegal, where I was able to preach and teach. My primary purpose was to have leaders complete my questionnaire on their needs as leaders of the church movement in Senecal. Specially, we want to help them develop a structure to send trained missionaries. I came back with 45 questionnaires. A Senegalese brother continues to help me with my research and has 25 questionnaires to distribute among the leaders we didn’t reach the first time.
We plan to have the Kairos course in Senegal.

Michel and Louise Charboneau in Haiti

Ministry Focus: After working in Ivory Coast for nine years, the Charbonneaus felt called to Haiti in 1996. They began a church for children and youth, where weekly meetings are held. The average attendance has been 1,400. Children walk long distances to attend these services. They play games, worship, and hear God's Word. After being fed spiritually, the children receive a meal of pasta or rice and beans, a national dish. The Charbonneaus also started a branch of the ChildCARE Plus sponsorship program in Haiti. As of July 2016, approximately 650 children were sponsored. Their goals include giving the church to the nationals and reaching thousands of children for Jesus.

Peter and Patricia DeWit in Paris

Ministry Focus: We believe in Urban Ministry with all our hearts. After over 15 years in Bangkok (22 years in Thailand), we feel that the city is the most strategic place for Gospel ministry. It is from the cities that the gospel best goes out to the towns and countryside. The city is our Jerusalem. Paris is our Jerusalem.  
We want to serve the leaders of Paris, connecting with them and learning from them as they build Gospel movements that help their city write a better story.
Within six months after arriving in Paris, President Hollande declared a state of emergency. A city on high alert for terror is a very different place from Paris in the movies. We believe God gives us eyes to see through the dark fog of terror and into the clear Light of Gospel Hope. We are partnering with  the visionary leadership of two young churches in the city, as well as coming alongside a community of Parisian creatives excited about reimagining this Hope rooted in the way of Jesus.

Lviv Theological Seminary in Ukraine

The Lviv Theological Seminary is committed to preparing Christian men and women for ministry, equipping them with the tools they need to be leaders in the Ukrainian church.
After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Lviv Theological Seminary became a humanitarian hub serving thousands of people forced to leave their homes because of the war.

Amar and Nadira Ram in Guyana

The Ram’s goal is Christ-centred relationships, especially with youth in low-income communities and Amerindian villages. Targeting high school dropouts, Amar intends to utilize his 30-year experience in the automotive industry to teach youth Automotive Electrical, Diagnostics and Repairs. Nadi will invest in the lives of young women as a mentor and trusted friend to help them realize their God-given values and potential in themselves.
Amar and Nadi’s goal is first to earn the trust of low-income families and build lasting relationships that would eventually lead them to hope in Christ. At the same time, in collaboration with the Guyana government, make a meaningful contribution to breaking the cycle of poverty in low-income families. This would be achieved through Skills Trade Training and various soft skills events.
They are also in the planning stages with Global Workers Colin and Dorselie Gittens to establish Community of Hope, Guyana. A campus that will have a Drop-in café, Trades School, New Life Community Center, and a Wellness Center.

Yves et Françoise Michaud in Thailand

Since 2014, Yves and Francoise Michaud have lived in the mountainous part of northern Thailand. They partner with the Fellowship Gospel Assemblies of Thailand and church planters working in HillTribe villages. They also participate in the care and evangelization of ChildCARE Plus sponsored children who live at Abundant Love Children’s Home, during the Thai school year. Their desire is to encourage and help local pastors live out their vision and reach their goals. Their strategy is to assist wherever the local Thai church needs them. Yves and Francoise hope to strengthen the work that has already been done by national pastors and nurture a new generation of Hill Tribe Christians who will transform their communities for Christ.

Ilya and Jessica Batrakov in Israel

Ilya and Jessica Batrakov’s vision is to reach this generation of young Russian-speaking people, to see them saved and inspired to fulfill God’s call on their lives. One of the greatest needs in the eastern part of the world is that thousands of young people have never heard the phrase “God loves you.”
Ilya and Jessica’s desire is to reach young people and help them:
  • Receive salvation & discover who they are in God’s eyes.
  • Build healthy friendships that will lead to strong marriages.
  • Restore their relationship with their parents.